Friday, November 30

Living In A Memory

There is something about music that just makes a memory really click for me. I find songs a way of expressing myself but more importantly a way to remember life. Whether its a trip to nowhere to visit a run away Aunt and Uncle or playing babies’ as a child in my mom's sewing room, there is nothing more memory inducing to me than Simon and Garfunkel. Each song sends me back to a time when I was young, innocent and living a life so different from the one I live today. So different from the one my own children live. I see flashes of paper dolls, metal toys and my silver boom box. Oh how I loved that double deck boom box! No it did not play CDs so my first Simon and Garfunkel was cassette. And it rocked, both sides!

A few years ago I made a point to by this CD (the cassette still exists but Im to lazy to flip sides) so that I could listen to them more often but unfortunately I haven’t listened to it for some time. While blog surfing today I found this entry and BOOM I was back in 1985 and I feel obliged to share these songs with you. Enjoy, or not I could care less honestly.

There are so many great Simon & Garfunkel songs but Ill spare your sanity for now. I know that most of you have no idea who they are or wish to watch them anyway. But this is good music yo. My inner child says so.


  1. Woah, I've never personally owned one of their cd's...but my dad I'm sure has had ALL of their records/cassets!! 'Cause let me tell you that is FAMILIAR!!! Now I'm listening to that as I do other random stuff on my blog!!! :-)

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