Wednesday, January 30

First Album

I don’t know if I really like this video enough to download it but I adore all the songs on the album. Kate has another one of those voices I can not get enough of. Thanks goes to Jamaya for these amazing song addictions.


  1. I watched this here, then went to and downloaded it! I love it! It really fits because David and I had an arguement today and it's good to have a song to relate to, if even for a couple of hours!

    I had never heard of her before so...THANKS!

  2. I Am happy you enjoy these songs as much as me!

  3. These are for sure unique songs! I LOVE that first chicks voice! Now I want to hear something else by her!

    Your ipod should be in the mail in less than two hours! Soon you will get to add hundreds of songs and videos to it!!!