Saturday, February 6

I Could Do That

Being an AF wife overseas I encountered many at home parties: Pampered Chef, Stampin Up, Party Lite, Mary Kay, German Blankets and various "toy" parties. Call it too much free time (as most AF wives overseas do not work), need for socialization or money to waste. I fell into all of those categories throughout our tours. After a while I became very familiar with most of the products and acquired quite a collection of them.

Okay so that's the history, here's the story...Last night I went to a "toy" party, a company I didn't actually encounter overseas but the products where pretty much the same. Different name and packaging but same effect. Go figure. The consultant was either intimidated or slightly unprepared/un-informed because I feel she didn't give enough information about quite a few of the products. I found myself thinking "I could totally do her job right now". She did say that her usual party guests prefer the lotions, oils and edibles so she seemed to stick with the passing around of products without much if any of an explanation. There were a few products she seemed to focus on a bit ("taste this, rub this in, smell this" concept) but still didn't elaborate on the possibilities and benefits enough for me. And hello, she totally could have mentioned the fact that these products are not just for woman! In the end I just feel that the hostess was gipped by this consultants lack of enthusiasm and selling strategy (or lack there of). I think the higher priced items ie "toys" and clothing were completely miss represented and the sales were lost.

I'm not really sure why this has bothered me so much. Maybe because I look at these products as marriage/relationship enhancers and think that a little spice in life is necessary. I also have some pretty strong thoughts on good hygiene. I was shocked that the consultant didn't even mention how to care for (soap and water is not the proper care) or store the products. How long to keep the edibles. Yes these products do go bad and do not last forever (3-6 months is a good rule). She didn't explain the uses (okay some may be self explanatory but still) or benefits to the products (even health benefits!). And not once did she focus on the fact that Valentines Day is a week away and these would make great gifts for your significant other, friends and family. Oh I totally just went there! Hey girls if the next package I send you in the post is buzzing you might want to open it away from little eyes...ROFL! I also wish she would have expanded on products for men, having some of the guests stick their finger into a piece of plastic is NOT going to sell the product. Goodness there is so much more I would have said and done.

I was thinking about this a lot last night and wondering if I had a more antisocial attitude about Vegas if I could do what she was attempting to do last night. I have the knowledge, enough anyway, but probably not the ambition. Selling "toys" isn't exactly the career path I ever intended to have. That said it would be an extremely entertaining job. Maybe one day...


  1. I wish i had fun stuff to blog about, but if you live in Vegas arent the shops cheaper there? On that note i think you would rock.
    Yes i think she shouldnt be selling, for the simple fact she still treated the products so taboo.

  2. OMG I would SO SO SOOOO go to a party thrown by YOU!!! You certainly know more than just about anyone I know! hahaha Also, if you do consider this opportunity, you could look at it more as a "relationship enhancement" party instead of a "toy party"!!! I'm liking that!

    I'm going to a "clothing" party next weekend, I'll be interested to see how that plays out, esp after this post!

  3. Why not!? For a season or two,it could be fun,educational and its extra dough.

  4. You could so do that. You are not shy at all on such subjects! I have never been to one but I am sure yours would rock. Yeah, extra money, we can use that!