Monday, March 8

Braces-Step 1

The prospect of Q-tip getting braces has been something J and I have been aware of since he was quite small and just starting to visit the dentist. Unlike most small children all of his baby teeth were very close together. Which is cute in itself but not good for future adult teeth to come in. Now that he has lost a few baby teeth and adult teeth are progressing it is evident there is not enough room for them to come in completely. His lower teeth seem to be okay at the moment so we are focusing on his upper teeth. To assist the adult teeth we have decided to get phase 1 braces for the little guy. Friday he had a portion of them installed.

Q-tip was so excited to learn that he was going to get braces. No one else in his class has them so it was/is a huge novelty. He couldn't wait to get back to school and show all his friends.

Shades on and ready to go.

Cleaning. All the teeth having brackets installed needed a good cleaning first.

Installing the first bracket.

I was a little concerned that his front two teeth had not fully descended but the orthodontist assured me that they were down far enough to install the bracket. Actually whether they were down further or not would not change the placement of these brackets. Sounded good enough to me.

Setting the glue.

Installing the wire. Unfortunately the wire only goes across his first 4 brackets. His molars were much to snug to install the last 2 wrap around brackets. He is left with a spacer until his next appointment where they will then be installed. The wire has been bothering him a bit so we have been putting wax on the end that is bent not as well as the other. Hmmm he didn't take his wax to school, I hope it doesn't bother him to much all day.

Green...that's the color bands Q-tip chose. His favorite color of course. He said he might go with blue next time.

Q-tip and his new braces. So cute and oh so big!


  1. He looks so big!! I would love to get braces on my bottom teeth and get those straightened out. That is awesome that he is excited about it!!

  2. I'm still so intrigued by what they are doing! And a little jealous he got his on already! ;-) I want Nat to get hers on already! haha

    He does look pretty darn big, and I'm so glad he's digging the new look! I keep forgetting to ask how long they said these ones will stay on? Does it depend on when the other teeth come in?

  3. WHat a brace kid! How eciting! He is too cool now!

  4. For real It was soppost to be BRAVE KID! It is too early!