Friday, April 2

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

The month of March has kind of flown by for me and I don't see April doing any different. At the beginning of this month J and I celebrated our "semi anniversary" of 15 years. WOW! We must be old or something...lets stick with or something. J chose a German restaurant called Hofbräuhaus. It was Oktoberfest all over again. The food was good, a bit Americanized but good. The music was entertaining and the drunks getting a spanking with the Jägermeister paddle. Too funny! I'm not sure I would take the kids again but would love to go with family to give them an idea of what they missed by not coming to visit us in Germany.


  1. Ah I have been wanting to go there for awhile now. I'll have to drag Bill there now lol.

  2. That is hilarious!!

    Congrats on the semi-anniversary!!! :-)

    LOVE the pic of Animal blowing bubbles!!! I bet he was trying to distract himself from all the spankings!! ;-)

    (BTW, your food looks grose... hahahaha)

  3. I am so glad you are back blogging again! You realize you got me started in this blogging world! What a fun looking place! I am so glad you can take part in some German things there! Now the paddle is a little scarey, but hey, why not? Baby A is getting so big. Can I even call him Baby A? Well I will go with ANimal!