Sunday, May 16

The Chicken Hearted Fox

Q-tips drama performance was so much fun to watch. He used a solid stage voice. Okay he was the loudest kind on stage. He did well with all of his parts and only wavered on one word. At one point he was to call another fox a "coward". He seemed very unsure if he should use this word. I was cracking up the whole time and so proud of him. I think he would do good to continue this next year but I will leave that up to him.

Doing the chicken dance!

Caught raiding the chicken coop.

I was so glad J was able to go to his show and I think he enjoyed it. Animal was so excited. He would yell "Q-tip said this" or "Q-tip did that". It was so cute. He seemed rather proud of his big brother too!


  1. How cute!!! That is quite the production!!! Good job Q-Tip!!!

    Glad J and Animal had a good time too!!!

  2. What a great outing for the whole family! Q-tip is a star! Oh no would love doing this!