Tuesday, May 18

Puppy Patience

Oh S'mores...I love the little guy but lately?!

What is the count now...2 pair of Animal sandals, 1 pair of Animal trainers, 1 pair of J shoes, 1 new pair of Animal sandals, my VS 100 ways bra and Baby's hand (there's probably more but these are the major items).

What is that you might ask...Those are the number of items that are not S'mores that he has chewed to bits. I was so frustrated when I found the second pair of sandals destroyed because they were only 2 days old. And then even more so when I noticed the third new ones chewed. Seriously?! Baby's hand was a shock.

Scene: Morning, Q-tip was putting his shoes on for school and Animal was cuddling with Baby on the couch.

Animal: hmmm, what happened to Baby's hand?

Q-tip: S'mores ate it.

Animal: all gone?

And then he spent the next 10 or so minutes inspecting the mutilated and missing hand of his doll. The doll he has had since he was a wee chap. The doll he loves and refuses to replace and no other doll can compare to. The doll with the dreads in her hair and holes in the heals of her pj's. So sad, so sad. That hideous looking creature now has a missing hand! She is no longer allowed in public.

Animal didn't seem traumatized which is good (I'm not sure what to think and J was probably bothered the most) and I can only hope he has learned to keep his things upstairs. As if! I lecture, remind, nag and whatever else over and over "take all your things upstairs. NO toys downstairs!" But do they listen? No! S'mores has many toys of his own but I think I need to make a point to pick up a few more. I was avoiding buying him many plastic toys as he seems to destroy and eat these rather quickly. Now I am thinking he needs these because his main objective is destruction. He has stuffed squeaky toys which he loves. Nyla bones which keep his attention for a very short time. And also kongs but they too only keep his attention long enough to get the treat out. I need to pick up some random cheap things I guess.

New mission, find LOTS of cheap chew toys for my little chewing monster. And somehow teach my children to keep their stuff upstairs and the gate closed. The second may take a while...


  1. Ah yes puppy destruction. I have lost 2 or 3 pairs of sandals/flats, 2 or 3 pairs of Chloes shoes and numerous toys of chloe to them. The last chewing fest drove me up the wall when I knocked my glasses off the night stand one night and my guy found them in the dog bed with the tips chewed down to the metal rod the next morning. But its a just a puppy phase unfortunately lol. I think we need to pick up some more chew toys too ;).

  2. He should grow out of some of it, But look at those puppy dog eyes! He is sorry.

  3. Awwwww I still feel bad for baby!!! He'll grow out of it...eventually. Bitter Apple Spray and making sure everything he loves to eat is picked up are about the best options, as I'm sure you know! He is quite adorable though! :-)

  4. I feel your pain! Our dog destroyed my shoes that I wore to the ball! LOL...I have come home to numerous shoes chewed up along with toys of the kids also. But it's my fault for leaving these things out and as for the kids I have no sympathy anymore when it comes to him chewing on things. They either learn to keep their crap picked up or risk it being chewed by the dog and he has lots and lots of toys but when we leave him by himself he manages to find things other than his toys to chew on. He has even chewed on tv cables! But that was Bill's fault but yes I do feel the pain on that end and how frustrating it can be. I try to make sure that we have plenty of chew bones and he gets one almost on a daily basis when I leave the house and that has seemed to help.

  5. Hey, we have the same problem with Bones. None of the (expensive) chew toys we'd buy him at the pet store interested him or lasted for awhile, so we started going to goodwill to buy him stuffed animals there. He loves to chew up the stuffies, and they are super cheap, so we're not constantly spending tons of money on toys that just get destroyed.