Saturday, May 22

You're Paying For My Food

I consider myself a non-violent and non-confrontational kind of person. I prefer to avoid situations where I feel myself or those I love could be in danger. Ive never actually considered the drive thru at BK to be one of those places...until today.

There were a few things on todays agenda that ment an early start. I got up with the boys, made sure breakfast was eaten and then headed back upstairs to get ready myself. After my shower I sent Q-tip up for his and picked out Animals clothes. J rolled out of bed a good hour and a half after the rest of us and was the last to be ready to go. Because of this he chose to grab something at the drive through before heading to the strip.

Now personally I have had no issues with their 2 lanes of ordering merging into 1 lane for paying and pick up. I don't think its the most effective way to have cars go through the drive thru but who am I to judge whats profitable. This morning was a lot busier than most of the times I have been there so J got in the shortest lane and ordered. He assumed it was a zipper merge line so he got in after the guy from the next lane moved forward and the car following did not. Makes sense...there was a gap. OMG was he wrong! That guy (who when we pulled up was having a rather animated conversation to his empty passenger seat. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE hands free head pieces, they really wig me out) totally freaked. He started yelling at J to back up, accusing him of cutting in line and then exclaimed "YOU'RE PAYING FOR MY FOOD!" It did not in any way make my morning. J and him yelled back and forth through the rolled down windows while my blood pressure shot through the roof and I debated getting out of the vehicle and walking home. I didn't need this kind of crap to ruin my day. Bad mojo I tell ya.

I don't know who finished ordering first, nor do I care. There are no lights or arrows or anything to make the pull through process orderly. All I know is that guy was throwing a fit like a kid in elementary school and I seriously wanted to slap the attitude right off his face. Thankfully his attitude was all verbal. None the less I was not pleased or impressed. BK and their 2 merging lanes can SUCK IT! I hate fast food and have no interest in ever going there again.

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  1. Yikes. That's kind of scary! I have never had such excitement at the drive-through...although I dislike those merging lanes as well! If that was the wrong person, it could always go down hill...and that is not a good situation to be in! I'm sorry you were next to a jerk...I hope the rest of the day went well and the boys LOVE their Build-A-Bears!!!