Thursday, June 24

Thoughtful Thursdays-When I Grow Up

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think in my elementary years I really wanted to be a dancer or maybe a doctor. By middle school I was leaning more towards the medical field but had no solid profession picked. By high school I was taking any medical class that was offered and enjoyed a few different job shadow opportunities. I had focused mainly on massage therapy, herbology and lab tech. By the time I graduated I had practically given up on a career and just wanted something that gave me money right then. I moved to OKC where I didn't think twice about college. It took a few years in Belgium before I decided to start taking college courses but the ones that were offered focused on computers and business. I received my associates degree in computer studies. It isn't exactly the route I thought I would take or one I am really interested in beyond email and blogging. Will I ever have a money making career? That is a good question. Most likely none of the ones I thought I would like as a child, that's for sure.

Today I am a full time mum and enjoy my job tremendously. I would never have thought this is where I would be had you asked me any time growing up (okay maybe in the years 5 through 8 or so I thought babies and kids were cool but after that I changed my mind completely). To be honest I'm not all that keen on kids today but I love the ones I have and have found a few more I adore quite a bit. Few do I instantly click with but there are some. Most grow on me and then there are those random children I never seem to understand or care to spend much time with. Sad really but a part of life I guess. Its just like people really, I have the same way of describing them. Ultimately the ones that I never seem to understand I tend to avoid. We are all better for it. Trust me!

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