Wednesday, July 14

Trying To Stay Cool

Its just me and the boys again. My niece went home over a week early. It was a sad and crazy day. I was feeling like complete rubbish and the A/C tech finally came to give me news I did not find helpful or enjoyable. Maybe I should start a couple days before my niece left...

The weather had been hitting a consistent 107-108 for a couple weeks. Our A/C was getting louder and after the curtailment not able to cool the house back down to 82. The first time I thought it was my mistake for baking garlic bread to go with dinner. The result pushing the house temp to 91. Boy was it HOT! After an initial mini break-down I remembered that I could hide the kids and myself in the master with the portable A/C unit J purchased last summer. That worked and we all slept well. We did this again the next night and maybe even again before it became obvious that the A/C was no longer working at all. It was completely broken. No cold air was being pushed out of the vents even with an overnight shut off. I finally had to make the call to the home warranty for a referral...that took 2 days!

The first day we hung out upstairs mainly but the second I just could not. 3 kids, the dog and myself in one room was just to much. I decided to drag the kids to Mt. Charleston for a reprieve from the heat. It worked for the most part. The weather was cooler and the kids found ways to entertain themselves during our 5 hour cool down.

The following day I woke up early and was feeling like absolute rubbish. I was determined to not let that affect my day. I was optimistic that the A/C tech would make everything better. Or NOT! He came and pretty much said that we would need a new unit. Which of course would cost us and take time. At least 2 weeks time! Are you serious?! 2 more weeks without A/C with the forecast saying we would be hitting the 111 make within 4 days. My life is awesome!

I was devastated to say the least and could not even lean on J for support. I needed so badly to pick up the phone and talk to him. Unfortunately that was not going to happen. In the past month we have been able to talk on the phone 3 times for a maximum time of 15 minutes. That is not a positive to deployments. Thankfully I do have 2 brothers living not far from Vegas and when I told one they instantly gave me a mini solution to my stress. Within 5 hours my niece was on her way home...early. This was a sad thing and a somewhat good thing. I was super sad to see her go but at the same time I had one less child to worry about heat exhaustion. I also was able to get out of "guest mode" which is a stress all in itself. I know there are many things I still wanted to do while she was visiting but I guess they can just be added to her next visit.

Now I can have the boys eat sandwiches and salad for lunch and dinner or some other completely not well rounded meal and not feel bad about it. I can hide with the boys in the master and not feel like I am being a horrible hostess. The stress has been lowered...a little. I am waiting patiently (or not) for a call from our home warranty and the A/C company making the repairs. Although I may be making calls today and check in on things. Ive found leaving them to their own devices is not always productive.

So here I sit, another summer without A/C in Las Vegas. Its wonderful. I wake up in the mornings to open doors and windows and let in the cooler morning air. Which is usually already in the mid 80s. This morning was the coolest Ive found the upstairs in about a week, it was only 91 and surprisingly it was only 80 or so outside. Its pretty nice right now but tomorrow is making its way into the 110s. Summer in Vegas is truely summer.


  1. Aww the A/C thing totally sucks. If you, the boys and smores need some place cool to hangout at shoot me a call. We have our pool set up and the kiddos can swim and smores can get some sibbling play time in lol. Also I've been meaning to see if you guys wanted to come over and bbq sometime?

  2. I'm so sorry woman. I don't know how you're doing it! I was freaking out at our 110 heat at 11 am...and this is just going to last for a couple days! Do anything and everything you can to stay cool!

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    Stephanie you are wonderful and courageous woman!!!!!!!
    Grandma Cheryl

  4. Ouch! That is SUPER HOT!!! Pretty pics!