Sunday, August 22

Beginning Session 2

Like I said before, I was beyond impressed with Animals skills this session. All it took was his comfort level with the water and his teacher to improve and he was swimming like a fish. I do hope that he will continue to love swimming and that this is the sport he chooses. I think he would do brilliant with dedication.

This was not something he enjoyed last session. Being dunked into the water and having it go into his eyes and ears was not fun. Now...its just part of the process.

I love that he can now stick his head in the water and hum. This is very important for not getting water up his nose or in his mouth. His "hi mommy" is just to cute! And those chubby little legs kicking in the water...ADORABLE!

Working on just his legs.

Animal was very interested in doing the techniques correctly this session. I think its cute how after being instructed not to sway his head he points out very excitedly "Yeah but NOT my head" when his teacher comments on how well he is using his arms.

Not much forward movement for the little guy but working hard on moving his arms and legs.

Animal doesn't mind waiting his turn. He actually spends most of his time practicing.

At the end of every class the kids have to do a task to earn candy. Today's task was grabbing a ring under the water.


  1. Awwww I don't know why but I got a little teary eyed when he was swimming all by himself! He's so big! He looks so proud of himself too!!! :-) What a fabulous activity for Animal!

  2. He is doing great! So proud of him!