Wednesday, October 27

Haunted Harvest

We really enjoyed Haunted Harvest last year so I wanted to take the boys again this year. Seeing is how this is Animals absolute favorite holiday I am more than willing to try and do as many things as I can. Plus it helps keep us busy and distracted from thinking about J being gone.

This is the spookiest costume Q-tip has ever worn. He is an Unknown Phantom and his eyes fade in and out. Its pretty cool and he received a lot of attention.

Both the boys picked out their own costumes.

The line to the Preserve was amazingly long, thankfully the friends we went with decided to get a season pass and we jumped ahead. That choice saved us a good 45+ minute wait in line.

My little pumpkin ready to start trick or treating.

Unknown Phantom, Fat Little Pumpkin and Princess.

The Preserve had some great decorations!

We went to a few candy stations and then stood in line for the haunted maze. It was very cool. Not as spooky as a full on haunted house but with my easy to scare personality I got a good scare and everyone heard a loud scream. At which point Q-tip practically ran through the rest of the maze. We went to the rest of the candy stations and played a game before the Preserve closed. It was a very fun night and the end to a GREAT Halloween filled day.


  1. The Preserve looks like so much fun! Lieutenant and I need to head out there sometime :) They also have days where its free which is awesome!

  2. You are full of fun events! I'm still amazed at all the simple, yet fabulous, attractions around you!