Saturday, August 2


It's been over a year since I updated my blog. A busy, exciting, challenging & yet very rewarding year. I have completed the MLT program & passed boards. I am an ASCP certified Medical Laboratory Technician! I feel great about all of the changes I have made and the goals I have achieved thus far. Sometimes it feels like the life I live now is more real than the adventures I have experienced in the past.

My life today is really good. I have a 13 year old son who is about to start the 7th grade, that amazes me. He is growing up so quickly! My youngest just turned 8, where that time has gone I have no idea. They are both very intelligent little guys and I am very proud of them.

After I had finished the MLT program there was a two month gap before the graduation ceremony and I wasn't sure if I wanted to walk. The boys were so encouraging. They wanted to see me through to the end so for them I walked at graduation. It was such a good feeling. It really wrapped up the education experience and made it feel complete. I think it also made me a little more prepared for boards because I knew officially that was the next step on my career path. I am currently searching the market for a MLT position and feel extremely confident that I will be beginning my career very soon.

Most people ask what the next step is or what I plan to do with the paycheck. Honestly I have no big plans. I want to live life daily. Get into a routine and enjoy the doors that will open along the way. I am very proud of myself and know that my boys are also proud. I hope that they see what I have accomplished and that encourages them to not let anything hold them back or better yet make the choices they need to for them at the time they need to be made. Don't wait to reach your dreams and don't let your dreams go because you took a different path. You can ALWAYS achieve great things!

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