Tuesday, February 23

A Hike

Saturday we had planned on taking a family hike at Red Rock but I said that my participation was dependent on the cooperation of the weather. As strange as it may sound we were scheduled to have rain and I refused to go climbing/hiking in the rain. After taking Q-tip to a Taekwondo board breaking event and having lunch with friends it did actually start sprinkling and was extremely windy and cold. I bailed on our family hike and chose to take Animal shopping with some friends. J on the other hand was determined to go hiking and took Q-tip and his friend to the mountain. Rain or shine or snow (they encountered this on their hike) was not stopping him from hiking.

They didn't have my camera but J (and Q-tip) used his phone to get a few shots.

All the photos up to this point were taken by Q-tip on their drive up to the mountain. For not having a weekly spot on the blog anymore and regular interaction with a camera he still has some decent photo taking skills. And better yet, he did this with J's phone. A phone which I can barely figure out how to answer or make a call, let alone a photo.

If I recall the hike was about 4 miles to the summit, this was at about the half way point. I think J said this was about where the kids made their first call to the moms. As I have said before, when J takes the boys somewhere I get many calls along the way. Hiking or commissary, it doesn't make a difference. I am thinking I will start having them call Dad every 30 minutes when I take them somewhere. Do you think he will find it amusing?

Holding snow. I'm not sure how far up they climbed but they did encounter snow. When they finally reached the top the boys called to say that they were very cold but having so much fun. It seems going up was a little tiring but totally worth it. I was informed that there was no way that Animal or I would have made this hike. It was straight up at the end and was a very hard climb back down.

The view looks absolutely gorgeous though. I wish J would have had my camera for better photos. I love the colors of the rocks and mountains there. Maybe, just maybe, I will have to try this hike one day. Or then again, maybe not. These photos are good.

Yeah we made it! What great sports these two are. They can hike like real champs. I remember our hike at Mt. Charleston, they were leading the pack. I have little doubt they were leaders for this even tougher hike in the cold.


  1. Great pictures from a phone! Good job J!

  2. Beautiful beautiful pictures -- and I LOVE the background on your blog. Hope you all are doing well!

    Hugs from GA,

  3. Wow! Amazing!

  4. LMAO I REALLY think you should have them call J every time you go somewhere! At least once or twice!!! ;-)

    Looks like the boys had a great time!! I like the pics too! They almost seem retro! haha

    I'm right there with you, I think I would have gone shopping too!