Tuesday, February 16

Valentine's Day

Valentine's was a simple affair in our house but great none the less. I woke up around 630 or so (maybe earlier, I don't actually remember). I do recall a little man involved...this little person also accompanied me downstairs where we started breakfast for Daddy and Q-tip. Being Valentine's I made a point to use my heart pan to make heart pancakes and heart scrambled eggs. Animal was very intrigued. Breakfast was good if I do say so myself. I even got J to make the coffee. Score!

The boys didn't want any sausage, just syrup and sugar.

While Animal and I were making breakfast Q-tip woke up and after realizing what day it was rounded up some supplies to make valentines for the whole family. He hid those valentines in various areas in the house. I took advantage of J and Animal searching for their valentines to clear the table and put out the boys valentines.

Like I said nothing crazy. Just a small activity book (Star Wars for Q-tip and Cars for Animal), a box of air head candy's and a cupcake. Voila, Valentines for less than 3.50 a kid.

And as was sure to happen, S'mores received a new Valentine toy. Which he loves.

We hung around the house, watched a movie with the boys, played some Wii and then J picked up Joe's Crab Shack to go. I was all about avoiding cooking another meal.

The steam pots weren't spectacular but they served us well and tasted delish.

After dinner we all played some more Wii. The boys went to bed early while J and I shared a second bottle of wine and tested our drunk Wii skills. Verdict: I am great at throwing a frisbee sloshed, J...not so much. Before crashing out I attempted to watch Couples Retreat with J but made it only about half way through the movie. He watched the whole thing and said it was really good. I should find the time to watch it so that I can send it back.

Hope you all had a great Valentines. I was rather pleased with ours. It is amazing to think that this was our 16th Valentines together!


  1. aaaooooohhhh!!!!!

  2. Awwwww What a great day and I LOVE all the pics!!! LOVE how the eggs turned out in the pan! I AM going to have to do that next time! I think I'm going to make Nat pancakes in it for her birthday, we'll see if she wants eggs too! :-)

    I love simple, and fun days, glad it was such a good one for you! I think I would get J sloshed more often so you can kick he ass at Wii! ;-)