Friday, April 23

Happy Birthday Q-tip

Parents always say this but honestly where has the time gone? My little man is already 9 years old. That amazes and terrifies me at the same time. He's almost in the double digits. He doesn't fully understand what that means but I'm sure by this time next year it will hold a lot more meaning to him.

I realize he already had a birthday party and sleep over the weekend before but I still wanted to do something for him on his actual birthday. I decided that dinner at a local restaurant that was having a "support your school" night would be good. He is really into those sort of things and believes they are a great way for parents and students to give money productively to their school. Yes, these are his thoughts not mine. He voiced them rather strongly after J had him read a voters pamphlet on school funding. After dinner I thought a movie would be fun and considering he is totally into Diary of a Wimpy Kid it would be perfect.

Before heading to dinner I stopped by Party City to pick up the kids some balloons and pre made gift boxes to play with at dinner. Super fun and very simple.

I stuck with Star Wars as this is another obsession of his lately.

I wasn't smart enough to save any of our presents for his actual birthday but thankfully two cards came in the post. They were perfect. Thanks Grandma and Mrs Elissa!

At the movies I let the kids each get a kids box. Not my normal route price wise but fun and perfect for the occasion.

Q-tip and Mommy!

The theater was completely empty when we walked in so we got to pick right where we wanted to sit. About 2 minutes before the movie started another boy and his mum strolled in. Q-tip thought it was cool that the theater was just for him. I thought it was nice to have all that space. Week night movies ROCK!


  1. Awwww Happy Birthday Q-Tip!!!!

    It is amazing how fast the time goes by!!! Glad you made it a special evening for him! Looks like a blast!

  2. Happy Birthday Q-tip! We miss you!!