Thursday, April 22

Back Garden

Our back garden has had some major transformation over the past year but unfortunately is not complete. That said, we still enjoy it through the process.


Peach...I wonder if they will be edible this year?

Yes it has been this warm. Maybe not today or yesterday but last weekend was in the 80s and I assume it will be again very soon.

Animal found a lady bug.

Chillin' by the pool with his best friend.


  1. I LOVE what you have done with the back garden! It looks 100% different than just one year ago!!!

    I LOVE Animals chubby little fingers! Those don't last, and because you are going to WIN the bet, enjoy them!!!

    Animal and S'mores are adorable together! S'mores has gotten sooo big! ;-)

  2. I am totally jealous of that cute backyard and no shoe wearing weather! How great the yard looks and Animal looks very happy and relaxed with the puppy! JEALOUS!