Wednesday, April 21

Party & Sleepover

I ventured into new territory this year with Q-tips birthday; we invited friends from class (non military) and had a sleepover. Oh goodness! I had a maximum number of kids I thought would be good so Q-tip gave out a few more invites than that number. I was quite certain not everyone would show...I was right. My brother and his fiance came (baby brother had to stay home and sleep for work), as well as some friends from Germany that just got here a few months ago. All in all there were 6 kids and 6 adults. I'm thinking that was very good.

The kids hung out in the living room, outside and upstairs playing and having fun. They all got along brilliant. The adults hung out in the dining room to chat and let the kids have at it. This was a big thing for me, just letting things go, but I decided not to hover and in the end it was ok. Between Wii playing and water gun fights we had cake and ice cream and opened presents. It was a long night but a great one. I took very few photos but I think Q-tip will remember this birthday just fine.

The cake...made by my brothers fiance.

Making a wish.

A new water gun! Believe it or not we didn't own a single one until the Taekwondo BBQ so this was perfect. We have a few now and the kids LOVE them. Who would have thought? Not me.


  1. Wow! WHat a great looking party! I have one sad little boy here...he hasn't gone to or had a sleepover in a long time! I hope Q-tip had the best time! We miss him so much!

  2. I'm so glad he had a good time! He looks so big with all his friends!!!

    Wish we were closer! :-)