Tuesday, April 20

Taekwondo BBQ

Getting the kids together in Taekwondo for fun is another benefit to Q-tips awesome extracurricular activity. Not only is he learning so many things in class but having fun with his peers in different environments. This also allows the instructors to see the students in a different setting.

Q-tips Master instructor had a birthday earlier last week and his main instructor has a birthday this week. Very convenient for a large BBQ/party for all the kids and families. At a local park we all got together to eat and hang out. The main event for the kids was the water gun fight although there was also a fire truck for the kids to explore and learn about. Neither Q-tip or Animal were interested, they were all about the water guns.

The water gun fight was parents vs. kids. What a riot! I was amazed at the amount of fun they were all having. I got attacked by random kids while trying to take photos. They were in the zone...Must. Get. Parents!

J getting ready. He had to hand me his phone and wallet as he was pretty sure they were about to get a bit wet.

The boys waiting patiently for the water fight to begin. I could hardly keep track of them.

At the beginning most parents went straight for their kids but that was soon lost as they were out numbered and the kids went for EVERYONE.

After the initial line up and start it was complete chaos. Water was flying EVERYWHERE!

J was having way to much fun and the easiest to get photos of. The kids were running around all over.

"I'm gonna get you Mommy!"

Yeah I would say that's a little bit wet.

Still on the run.

Finally caught Q-tip during a refueling.

After the parents dwindled off with limited water supplies the kids kept going...after each other.


  1. Looks like ya'll a blast!

  2. How fun!!! LOVE the pictures!!! Glad he got a bigger gun for his birthday! :-)