Wednesday, April 7

Monster Jam

For Christmas I bought my brother and his fiance a set of Monster Jam tickets as well as our family. We have all been looking forward to this for some time. After spending a good 5 hours strolling around getting autographs and photos as well as some grub we made our way into the stadium to find our seats. The show didn't start until 7 but it was totally better to get settled early. All those late arrivers were ANNOYING!

Spending the few hours until the show driving his new classic Grave Digger in the bleachers.
We had our nose bleed seats which freaked me out and ultimately resulted in a fall from Animal. I moved him down to the more solid seats and he drove his monster truck with some other little ones doing the same.

The show started with the showing of colors and national anthem, you know...the way things should always start. I was emotionally overwhelmed at the 20+ airmen that were being sworn in for the first time. How cool would it be to start your career at Monster Jam?

Let the time trials begin! The winner overall was Grave Digger much to the crowds approval.

Freestyle of course was our favorite. The jumps these trucks do are amazing. Looking at the photos they look like little toy trucks but in all honesty they are ginormous!

Madusa lost a tire in the pond. It was awesome!

Monster Mutt was the overall winner of freestyle and what a show he put on!

Right before the Air Force Afterburner came out I told my brother that this would be a good one. He didn't agree. After...he was eating his word. Afterburner did an awesome freestyle run, landed upside down but after being flipped drove away unscathed.

Animal fell asleep before the show was even over. He was so exhausted! All that noise didn't even bother him.

The show finished with 3 Grave Diggers. It was brilliant! Animal is totally bummed he didn't get to see his new Grave Digger truck driving.

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  1. 5 hours wondering around?! WOW, you are BRAVE!

    The show looks like it was packed full of action! The Mutt one got some serious air!

    Poor Animal couldn't make it! :-)