Thursday, April 8

Huntington Beach

On our way to San Diego we stopped by Huntington Beach to see the boys Great Great Grandfather and GG. It was wonderful to see them again although the boys had way to much built up energy after traveling in the jeep for a few hours. We didn't stay long so that they could get to the beach and let out some of that extra energy.

As soon as the shoes came off the boys were dashing for the ocean.

Q-tip loves the ocean and was more than ready to jump some waves. J stepped in with his feet and declared it freezing cold. I did neither and stayed in the sand with Animal while he ran up and down the beach.

Playing in the sand. This boy had no interest in getting his feet wet in freezing cold ocean.

After strolling the beach a bit we went into town where they were having a street market. We purchased some delicious berries and fish tacos. YUM! A new store called The Scoop on Cookies was handing out coupons so we decided to check it out as well.

Oh yes, it was a winner. You pick out two cookies, the same or different and your favorite ice cream. You can get two flavors if you want. How cool is that?

J was just talking about how he wanted some sarsaparilla soda a few days ago and couldn't resist buying a bottle when he saw it at the ice cream shop. My opinion is that it had a black licorice flavor. J says no way. Have you had it? What do you think?


  1. That looks like a blast! The boys are so cute (and big) playing in the sand!

    I WANT some of that cookie/ice cream action! What kind did you get?

    Ummm...I've never had Sarsaparilla anything, but I will never be able to now! If I even think its going to taste like black licorice, I'm not game! :-( hahaha

  2. awwwww! I miss the beach! What a wonderful holiday and that ice cream looks too good!