Saturday, April 10

Spring Break-Sea World

Our original plans for spring break were to visit family in Colorado. Unfortunately like many of you know, winter is still overpowering spring (not in the desert so we were a bit oblivious). The passes were covered in snow and not something I had the courage to travel. J was determined we would do something fun and exciting (as if Monster Jam wasn't fun and exciting, as well as exhausting). We threw around quite a few ideas but the most reasonably priced was Sea World. Did you know that they are one of a handful of attractions that give military free admission? With our limited spring break budget this was a fabulous deal.

Breakfast at Denny's.

Starting the morning out at the dolphins.

And then the Shamu show!

We sat in the "soak zone" but were lucky not to get wet at all.

I adore this photo as much as Q-tip adores sea turtles.

The 4D Elmo show was very neat and the first show Animal has worn glasses all the way through. He cracked me up when he reached out for the image of cookie pieces flying into the audience. And every time he was sprayed with water he was so excited.

Animals new favorite pizza is pepperoni. A change from just cheese which even Q-tip is venturing from and beginning to prefer Hawaiian. As for our macaroni & cheese pizza venture...NEVER again!

Of course we made pennies. Don't we always?

Taking Animal on rides was a new adventure as he is not much of a ride child. He must take after his mummy. These rides though were right up my alley and I was very thrilled to share my limited ride love with my little men.

So excited!

Just as excited. I don't know if he was stoked about the ride or just that mum was finally riding something with him.

Oh yeah, that is pure happiness. He was lovin it!

The boys and I stood in line for a good 20 minutes for this ride. We were all ushered in to get into a flying Elmo fish only to find out that they were one fish short. Animal and I went back into the cue for the next go around. To Animals disappointment one of the Elmo's got stuck in the air and the ride was shut down for a few hours. We returned later...after Animal had taken a small nap.

This was probably the biggest roller coaster/water ride Q-tip has ever ridden. He had fun but wrapped himself around the bracing bar and almost lost his lunch. J couldn't convince him to ride again but being that it was the ride with the shortest line many were turning right around and going again.

The first time I got in line with Animal for this ride we waited a good 30 minutes only to have him fall asleep on my shoulder just as we made it to the front. J and Q-tip had wondered off to play elsewhere so I found a spot to sit and let Animal snooze for a good hour or more.

After his nap he was so ready for this ride.

The night was coming to an end. We were all pretty exhausted but there were 2 more things to see. Shamu Rocks the evening show and the fireworks. Super cool!


  1. Those are some awesome pics. Looked like you guys had a good time :).

  2. That looks like a FABULOUS time!!! I'm so glad you were able to go and have a good family trip!

    I LOVE Animal's faces!!! Esp the first pic! :-)