Wednesday, April 14

Finishing Touches

I have been looking for a large picture or mirror to place above the buffet for months. I fell in love with a Buddha picture at Pier 1 only to find that it is discontinued now that I finally have the balls to pay what they are asking (okay maybe I would have paid that all along, but it took a lot of convincing for J to come around). All that work...

Q-tip and I stopped by Pier 1 after his ortho today and came across a mirror that I kind of liked. It was on clearance and with my $40 worth of Pier 1 cash I got it for only $35. That's my kind of price! Q-tip thought it was a real winner. What do you think?

The dining room looks a lot more complete now.

This is something I picked up a few weeks ago at Pier 1 for only 5 bucks. I can find some sweet clearance stuff there.

Both of these were found at Home Goods today. I think they are absolutely brilliant.


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  2. This looks fabulous! I LOVE the figures!

    Wanna come decorate my house!?!?! I suppose I should start shopping at Pier 1!!! Maybe not...