Friday, April 16

Yep, We Have A Dog

For the past few years I have been pretty happy with our pet free household. Having a rather sensitive nose for smells I much prefer to avoid them and the agents that cause them. Pets are great, don't get me wrong, but their smells...not so much. Somewhere between rational thought and insanity I decided that we needed a dog. Hence S'mores!

He's pretty awesome and we all love him. BUT...he is a dog. Therefore he does smell like a dog. I wouldn't classify him as "potty trained" as much as sometimes our timing is better than others. This ultimately results in that "we have a pet" smell in our house. I do not like that smell.

To avoid this smell inhabiting our whole house the upstairs is off limits to the little guy. This keeps the majority of our carpets pet free zones. A few months ago J was complaining about the runner in front of the shrunk smelling. Not having time or knowledge on the best way to cure the problem out it went. A few weeks ago J had the same complaint about our main rug in the living room. I rolled that one up as well and out it went. Now to find a solution...

I began by cleaning the rugs with my steam cleaner. The cleaning product is not environmentally friendly so I would prefer not to use it more than twice a year. (any suggestions on a greener carpet product, Im assuming Hoover isnt exactly in the "green" market) Oh and after hours of vacuuming and cleaning, plus days of laying in the sun to dry the rugs returned inside only to have a diluted pet smell. Seriously?! 4+ hours of cleaning only lightened the smell? So the mission continued.

With Q-tips birthday party just around the corner I needed something now. I thought about buying those grocery carpet powders but lets be honest, most of them smell horrible and I don't think they do more than give me a huge headache for hours afterwards. Nor are they environmentally friendly. I have done my research and came across a few natural options. An alternative to the carpet powders I despise I plan on using this. Fingers crossed we can concur this problem ASAP.


  1. Yup...the dreaded side effects of having a dog. But he LOVES YOU!!! ;-)

    No matter how much you clean when an accident happens, it will always smell a little. Good luck finding something that works! Let me know what you do so I can try too! I may pick up the tea tree oil! I'm really intrigued now!

  2. From the British cleaning show I love, they say to use landry soap then pat it dry with a towel. It does work! I have done this many of times while we had dogs in this house! (laundry soap mixed with water, and a good laundry soap like tide, I of course use my homemade stuff)