Friday, April 30

Written Words

Its been some time since I actually wrote out a post. Pictures are so much easier! Yesterday while trying to pull together another blog book I realized how great word posts can be. Reading entries from 2007 was very entertaining. It was nice to be thrown back into life in Germany when Animal was still a wee baby and Q-tip was in kindergarten. I had to smile at the things that worried me so much then as I'm not sure today they would worry me as much. That said I'm a "worrier" so I would probably still stress if encountered with some of the same situations.

Yeah so here is a run down of how life currently is in our house...

Animal is fully potty trained. This is a major accomplishment and one I had little to do with. Unlike Q-tip the boy just got it. It is a very good thing! He is still my adventurous boy. Loves S'mores, monster trucks and "milk on crackers". Can not stand to go to Taekwondo class to watch his older brother. Has a new interest in the public library but to be honest has always enjoyed books so this was bound to happen when introduced. Lastly he is still trying with his little person Independence but always sweet.

Q-tip is doing well in school. I know where his hardships are and encourage him to improve them (which he is) but avoid putting on too much pressure. He enjoys reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, is about to perform on stage in drama, has a few more weeks in Spanish and cant get enough of Taekwondo. We received all of his sparring gear at class last night but he was only given his second saahng jeol bong. When it was time for sparring his instructor told him to put on the rest of his equipment and he said "I cant sir, I have to earn it". I was proud of him for knowing what needed to be done and his instructor seemed totally okay with our/my rules.

Q-tip is earning a lot of things these days after consistently showing issues with listening the first time and following directions properly. I stripped his room of everything except for his bed, dresser, night stand, lamp and alarm clock. No more toys, books or distractions. All of these items are easily earned by displaying proper listening and direction following. I have cut back his morning prep time 30 minutes but still feel that if he can stay on task and do things properly another 30 would be ok. On that note: how well do you expect your child to do things that are asked of them? After encountering Q-tip attempting to brush his teeth without toothpaste I wonder if other parents expect their 9 year old to inform then when their toothpaste is gone. Or do they check those things for them? I don't feel I need to be on top of all that for Q-tip. I feel he should be able to tell me if he runs out of shampoo or toothpaste. Is that asking to much?

Moving on...J is working as usual and saving the universe in his free time. I am doing the mum thing. Trying to keep the schedule that is always full flowing as smoothly as possible. Cooking meals I plan weekly and cleaning when I'm not exhausted from it all. Life is life. It continues to go on even when I am wishing for a pause button.

No new projects around the house but we did submit an architectual plan to change the front side yard to rocks with a palm and some other desert thriving plants. We are still debating building the boys a raised fort/climber in the back garden. J wants to build it himself and I worry that he is taking on more than he can chewy. Buying one right out seems more time effective but the prices are ridiculous for what we like. I'm wondering if this may be easier just forgotten.

And now I am off to finish the first 6 months of our 2007 blog book.


  1. The second child seems to get the potty things a lot easier than the first. Q-tip qill come around with the listening. I think we all go through a period where we don't listen. Everything sounds like it is going good there. I do enjoy reading your blogs. I prefer just to do just pics. My family isn't interested in what I have to say!

  2. I totally am interested in what you have to write. I think if you ever make a blog book you would be amazed at how great written posts are. I totally get peoples interest in journals. Which is exactly what a blog is.