Sunday, May 2


Q-tip is slowly coming around to my way of thinking. I will probably continue to walk him through his morning routine this week but he is getting it...slowly. He has been working very hard in Taekwondo and has earned his chest shield too. By the end of this week he may even be able to start sparring class on Fridays!

This weekend we all went out to my brothers. J, Q-tip and Bro-ski (Chachi was sleeping for work) went jeeping at Red Rock and had a blast. They went over some tough terrain and the upgrades J made to the jeep a few months ago did just what they were intended to. Bro-ski had so much fun he is now saying that he too needs to own a jeep. Too funny! We all hung out after and enjoyed some delicious nachos made by Bro-ski's girl. They were amazing! I cant even describe how great it is to have family so close to hang out with.

This afternoon I was impressed with Q-tip so much that he earned back his bin of legos. Knowing that he is still grounded and that TV is completely off limits instead of sneaking into my room to watch cartoons with Animal he quietly played with some building blocks in the loft. When I went to check on the boys because they were so quiet I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I was so proud of Q-tip I brought out his legos and he is now playing with them in his room. He is such a good kid. I love him!

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