Tuesday, May 4

Pile It On

The next few weeks are just a bit crazy. Drama and Spanish are ending which means performances. School is almost out but not before field day and family days/nights. I am actually looking forward to the end of these things. Not that they will free up my schedule much (I already have plans to replace them) but because it will mean change. Change is not always bad.

J finally picked up our paperwork for the YMCA. We only have to stop buy and enroll. I am super excited about this because it means the gym for me and swimming lessons for the boys. See what I mean by filling in the gaps.

J has been using the jeep during the day so I have been walking to pick Q-tip up from school. This isn't horrible, the highs have only been in the low 80s, but my body is protesting. I am going to take some Motrin today and hope for the best. My body is feeling way older than 29!

This weekend I cut Q-tips hair. I gave him a Mohawk. Something I have refused to do for a long time. After doing so I slightly regretted it but thankfully his hair grows really fast. Its not the worst thing but its definitely not my Q-tip. He likes it though so for now it will stay.

Animal has a new games. I'm not sure where this came from but for the past 2 days he has been wanting to play this Pac Man racing game. I don't mind much considering Ive been completely engrossed in creating our 2007 Volume II blog book. Volume I came out really well and cost a lot less than I had originally thought. The $10 email coupon I had helped too. This afternoon when I came back into the living room to check on Animal I found him like this...

He must have played until he couldn't play anymore.

And on that note, I need to take some Motrin, shower and get ready for todays 4 mile walk. Guess I cant play anymore either.

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  1. Q-tips hair is totally cool!!! I love it!! I am so excited that you are joining the YMCA! That will be so great for all of you! And the boys will love swimming lessons too! I know how animal feels in this picture!