Wednesday, May 5

Its Coming

Do you ever getting a feeling that something major is about to happen but you don't really want to deal with it? There are signs. There are events. But you would prefer to just stay in your comfort bubble and ignore the reality. I know there is something going to happen soon that will totally rock my world but if I dwell on that it brings back a lot of emotion. Emotion I do not want to deal with. I have been able to distract myself pretty well with Q-tips busy schedule and the blog book. While I'm sleeping is a different story though. It creeps into my dreams. It wakes me up and has me laying there for hours thinking about what changes it will or may induce. I know that I am strong and can deal with anything so I will keep telling myself this, put my big girl panties on and deal with it. Someday...soon?

I was working on September in our blog book last night. What a roller coaster that was. We had a lot of issues in 2007, most of which I think are pretty well gone. I'm not actually proof reading the book yet. Just creating it. I'm not sure what emotional toll it will have when I do. My suggestion to myself, read it sooner than later.

J took Q-tip to his first upper level Taekwondo class last night and was relatively impressed. He observed areas where Q-tip could use some extra practice but for the most part found the class entertaining. I hope he finds the time this weekend to take him into the back garden and work with him. It would be great for both of them.

Sunday...Mother's Day. Any plans? None here that I know of but J is full of surprises. Just last week Animal and him walked to the grocery and came back with a bouquet of Lilies for me. It was so sweet.


  1. Well, now you know we're all curious right? I'm hoping this doesn't mean a deployment is looming :( Either that or you're pregnant! Yes?? lol

    Hope it all works itself out for you soon.

  2. Oh I hope its not a deployment. Well either way as you once said to me I'm here if you need to talk :). Oh and let me know when you want to do the doggie play date!

  3. More to come but I think you girls got the idea. Well except for that crazy talk about another baby...LOL! Two is honestly my limit. Thats my story and Im stickin to it :)

  4. I'm so sorry hun. I WISH WISH WISH I had the time to come visit. I get ONE weekday off in the next nine weeks. :-(

    Call WHENEVER you need to. Even if its to be emotional (which you hardly ever let yourself neeeeed to sometimes!). :-)

    Thinking of you.

  5. I am here to chat! I am sure everything will be okay. Good luck though!