Monday, May 10

Another Year Done

Q-tip has done very well this school year. He has usually tried his best and the results are marvelous. I do not save everything he does. Nor do I scan in everything he brings home but every once in a while there are things that stand out as super cute or creative. Ive saved them to post for some time so here are a few of them. I will attempt to translate if necessary...

These are his new year resolutions:

I want to eat a little more.
I want to eat more fruit.
I will learn expert biking on wii fit plus.
I want to earn a big allowance. (big got chopped during scan)

Number 7 is my favorite. It totally cracks me up. Number 10 refers to something Star Wars and I believe Darth Vader.

He brought this letter home Friday and I thought it was just adorable!

"My grandma is important to me. She is in her 50's. She lets me water her garden and she lets me eat some stuff, too. She likes me and I like her."


  1. Awwww These are so cute! I LOVE the 100 things sheet! No women, lots of woope kooshens is just a fabulous world! ;-) hahaha

    The last letter was really sweet too!

    Its always interesting to see what the kids write when they aren't censored!

  2. AWWWW! SO cute! I wish my scanner worked to do the same. Good job Q-tip!

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    oohh,how sweet! and funny!