Tuesday, May 11

I Dont Want To Forget

I'm not sure if this weekend was all that different from any other weekend but for some reason I feel obligated to write about it. I'm not sure what part of it I don't want to forget exactly so I will just put it out there as much as I remember.

Friday: J had the jeep for another day of appointments which meant I had a lot of walking in store for me. It was field day at Q-tips school and they were having a special family picnic lunch. I was discouraged to think that he would not have any of us there to share this with him so I made the executive decision that I would do all the walking necessary to make it happen. I mentioned to Q-tip before school that I would be bringing him a special lunch no matter what and the joy on his face was all the convincing I needed.

Around 1020 Animal and I headed out to the local grocery for drinks, then Subway for sandwiches and a little bakery for treats. Animal did not want to ride in the stroller for this so by the time we picked up cupcakes at the bakery it was 1130. Q-tips lunch started at noon! That meant I had 30 +/- 5 minutes to walk 2 miles. I told Animal he had no choice but to get in the stroller because we were now in a hurry. Lets just say I was walking as fast as I could and we just barely made it. I was absolutely exhausted. The happiness Q-tip showed for us being there and his lunch was all I needed to reassure me I had made the right choice. We enjoyed our lunch together and then left Q-tip to finish out his day.

Instead of walking all the way back home (my hips were killing me) I took Animal to a close by park to play the hour and a half until Q-tip was out of school. I was sure that I spent most of that time in the shade. I even put sunscreen on all of us that morning. Unfortunately by the end of our walk home (over 5 hours out and about for Animal and I) Animal and I were quiet toasty. That 90 degree sun was no joke!

I took a 2 hour nap before getting the boys ready for Parents Night Out at Q-tips Taekwondo school. The boys had a blast while J and I had an evening to ourselves. You would think living in Las Vegas our options were endless for adult entertainment and I would have a great story to tell. That is NOT the case. J was tired from his week of busy and I was fried and exhausted from a week of walking. I hadn't actually planned out the night ahead of time so we were going to just go for it. Exhaustion did not work in our favor. We ate at an Asian buffet, browsed Best Buy and cruised the isles of Wal-Mart. Exciting? No, not really. The catch is it was just us and that was good.

It was completely out of my comfort zone to take the kids to Parents Night Out but it turned out great for everyone. The caregivers fell in love with Animal. The boys had a great time. Heck Animal even has "a little girlfriend at karate" now, or so he says. We were going to pick the boys up early so that we could go home and sleep but they were having so much fun we decided against that. Hence the strolling of Wal-Mart one of my least favorite places to be. When we did pick the boys up they were full of excitement and more than willing to go back again. I am definitely keeping this option open.

Saturday: Was a lot more relaxing. We ran a few errands in the morning, the most important being enrollment at the YMCA. I am so excited about this. I now have a place to work out, lots of class options, a place to take the boys swimming and over the summer I can enroll them in swimming lessons. Very exciting. As a military family we are able to enroll for free as long as we go 8 times a month. If we can not show that our membership is that valuable to us we can get a 1/2 price fee. My goal is obviously to keep that free membership. I am looking forward to taking a step class, maybe yoga or pilates and a family tai chi class with the boys. I'm all about staying busy and having a reason to leave the house. I continue to run the idea through my head of creating some sort of schedule for the summer or winging it...I will probably try to create a flexible schedule if possible.

Sunday: Mother's Day! J went to Einstein Bros Bagels for breakfast and lattes. It was very good. He likes this place a lot and I have never really ventured in. I think I will make a point now that I know they have a lux bagel. Oh Yeah! It was a relaxing day. Even when I went out on my own to do some errands. The breeze really made Sunday a beautiful day.

See what I mean by nothing extremely exciting but for some reason I feel I need to blog about it. Maybe because it was a great weekend for all of us. Maybe because we were all together. Maybe because there were so many times that my boys were happy, smiling and a reminder of how great it is to be a mum and wife. Something, no matter what it was, made this weekend worth writing about and it will always be remembered.

Gonna go coat myself in lotion, that sunburn is now peeling and I feel like a snake. GROSS!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! :-)

  2. Your weekend does sound pretty great. It is always wonderful to watch your kids enjoying life. I am so glad it worked out well with the parent's night out. Who could not love your kids?!? They are too cool! I will have look to the same thing here for the fall. I am finding out I do need breaks as well and it is okay ti have them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love weekends like that. No fuss weekends with lots of family time are the best. Oh and Einstein bagels are the best IMO ;).