Wednesday, May 12

A Story

Authored and illustrated by Q-tip.

Fortunately I had money to buy a toy. Unfortunately I ate a sandwich at Peanut Tucky and now I have no money.

Fortunately I had a free toy ticket from Peanut Tucky. Unfortunately a teenager took it.

Fortunately I know Tae Kwon Do and I kicked him in the face and said ha ha. Unfortunately he pushed me in the water and beat me and everyone kicked him.

Fortunately I did a 360 kick and got his money. Unfortunately he took some and he fell off the end and he was captured.

Fortunately I had enough money to buy the toy and [he would] be gone forever. The End

1 comment:

  1. Nice story Q-Tip! Made me laugh! :-)

    I love seeing what they come up with! Natalie has had some pretty good ones lately that I've thought about posting! I miss time!