Thursday, May 13

Persuasive Letter

If Love Were...
If love were a color it would be red because red it is the color of a heart.
If love were a shape it would be a heart because love is a heart.
If love were a sound it would be the ocean because it is peaceful.
If love were a size it would be 1 feet tall because it is not that tall.

President Teddy R. needed a vacation. Teddy's friends invited Teddy to join them on a bear hunt. Teddy was happy to take a vacation in the woods. In the woods there was no noise there. The bears were too quiet. They had told Teddy that there were many bears in the woods. They came up with a plan. Teddy's friends found an old and tired...

bear. They said can you shoot the bear. No thanks, said Teddy. It was all over the world. In New York a man named Morris and his wife had a store. Morris's wife made two toy bears. They asked Teddy as a name. Yes he said. He won president again.

Dear Mom,
I love you very very much. And I was wondering if you will give me a deal. If you give a deal. If you don't know ok. Please just give a letter back if you do. I will see you later today ok. And I will see you at home ok. Ok.
Love Q-tip


  1. His work is really cute. I really need to get my scanner working to do the same. What a good way to keep the work without keeping it all.

  2. And since I create the blog books, these go into them. The most recent one had some of his work and he got very excited to see what he had done in kindergarten.

  3. I still love his letter to you...ok. Ok. :-)

    At least he listens to you! haha