Sunday, May 30

Yard Project

Over the past 3 months we have received 3 letters from the HOA complaining about our front side yard. We had talked about changing it to desert landscaping but it was just talk. After the first letter I told J that it was probably time. After the second letter we turned in our architectural plans. After the 3rd letter I called and said "hey we did our part and will fix the problem as soon as you approve our plans". Last week I got a call from our HOA saying that the plans were approved, the file was closed, and we could get to work immediately.

Thursday J ordered the rocks for delivery. Friday we started the prep of both the side yard-removal of dead sod and grass and side path-removal of old rocks (opposite sides of the house). Saturday J picked up the plants, 3 tons of rocks were delivered and the whole family got to work. A full day of rock hauling!

The prep of these two areas was exhausting but the work on Saturday was not as bad. I mean in the aspect there were 4 of us working all together. The boys were amazing. Q-tip and Animal hauled rocks for hours. Taking breaks for drinks, snacks and rest. I was very impressed with both of them and to be honest most of the work was done all by their own choosing. Okay maybe the $5 bribery was a good incentive too.

Our back garden and the side path look so much more complete. The transformation is spectacular. I told the boys and J that I see some stepping stone projects in our summer plans.

This was the project that started it all. I have tried for the past year to get this area of grass to grow properly but with no good results. This has been a battle I knew we would never win. Well until today!

We recently squared this area off and are trying to fill in grass. I did not like the angle of this decorative garden or the fact the sprinkler caused weeds to grow. There were ideas thrown around about what we wanted to do but nothing we both fully agreed on.

J and I talked a bit before he went on a second run for supplies and came to a quick decision. I really like it. From the street you can only see the hibiscus and sago palm but I think it is fabulous when you are up close. Much more welcoming than a dry patch of rock and dirt.

This concludes this years yard work. I told J we still need to consider options for the back and shrubby patch next to the walking path but they can wait. I might pop a few things in our gardening wall boxes but thats about it. The weather is suppose to hit the triple digits next week. That is much to warm to be doing anymore major yard projects.

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  1. That is an amazing transformation!!! And that is a LOT of rocks! I am extremely impressed with all the hard work all of you put in! What troopers the boys are!