Monday, May 31

Military Mondays-A Day At The Museum

While enjoying Memorial Day remember the reason for your day off or time together with family and friends. Thank our past and present service members who have defended and continue to defend our freedom. That said, enjoy your long weekend!

While living in Europe it was almost impossible not to go to Paris. It was only about 3 hours from both of our duty stations. One semester J was taking an art history course for his bachelors and we went just to visit museums. I specifically remember the Musee du Moyen Age, Musee d'Orsay, and Musee du Louvre. The Louvre is huge and was amazing but our 6 hours of walking only allowed us to see about 1/3 of the museum. We saw so much art that trip! I enjoyed that holiday although in the moment there were many hiccups and obstacles, traveling with small children can make things very interesting. None the less, I think it is very important for my boys to have an appreciation for all the arts so when I saw that 600 museums were giving free admission to military over the summer I got pretty excited. Sadly Las Vegas doesn't seem to have any museums or any that participate but maybe there is a museum in your area.


  1. I love Paris. I think I need to go again this summer.

  2. Two of those museums are an hour away...not sure if we'll go, but thanks for the info!!! WISH I could have gone to the Louvre!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! Thanks J for serving, and to you Steph for standing by his side!