Tuesday, June 1

Out Of The Norm

The other day I made an amazing Jamaican Sea Bass on the grill for dinner. J and the boys were in the front yard while I slaved away at this amazing meal (okay it wasn't that hard, shhh don't tell him that). Have I ever mentioned that I am the cook and griller in our house. Oh yes, that is MY grill. I am the grill queen. Not that J couldn' what, wait...never mind...he couldn't. So as I was saying...

Q-tip was finishing up hauling the last of the pile of rocks from our garden transformation, Animal was riding his tricycle up and down the walking path and J was chilling with a beer keeping a watchful eye on both. After I was finished grilling I made everyone plates and delivered them to the front garden where we ate as a family under the big tree. S'mores was out there as well. As a family I thought it was amazing and fun. Our own little impromptu picnic. Even after the meal was finished J and I continued to sit, now both with a beer, and watch the boys and enjoy the cooler weather. I don't think we will be having many more of these evening as the forecast shows triple digits starting next week and mid 90's all this week. Ready or not, its summer time in Las Vegas!

Quite a few cars went by and they all kind of looked at us oddly. After a while I began to wonder if we were in the wrong in some way. I even asked J if what we were doing was "ghetto or unacceptable". See no one on our street ever does anything in their front gardens. No one sits on their front patios enjoying the cooler evening temperatures. No one lets the kids ride up and down the walking path while they chat with their partner drinking a beer or wine (is that more sophisticated?). Neighbors don't even meet to hang out in the front of their houses talking to each other. It just doesn't happen. Or at least not on our street. Why? Do people feel to exposed? In the front there are not 5 ft cinder block walls separating you from everyone else. Hiding you and your actions from the world around you. I'm all for privacy but is there anything wrong with utilizing your front garden as well as the back?

I enjoyed waving to the few neighbors we know or when the retired AF guy complimented our hard work. I know that I prefer to keep to myself and avoid the Wisteria Lane scenario but at the same time I wonder if by sticking to ourselves (us and our neighbors) we have lost the concept of a community. The ability to depend on others in times of need. I'm not sure if this is always the case although I do feel it might be the most common practice here in Las Vegas. Is it just a Las Vegas thing? Or, is this the way most neighborhoods are these days? How about your neighborhood?


  1. I find its more of a military vs civilian thing. Military people (and families obviously) learn to lean on each other for a lot. Civilians tend to have a community, but they are spread out because they know each other from outside the neighborhood or people they have known for a long time have moved. We talked to a lot more neighbors in housing here than we currently do in our own house. We are always outside in the front...but that could be a kid thing as well. I see other families with kids outside, but NONE of the "more mature" people.

    Interesting insight, and I fully appreciate that you were in your front garden enjoying the day together as a family! Who knows, you may have encouraged another family to do the same! :-)

  2. I think it is just how things are now. Living off base i realize how alone we are here. From what my mom says it is the same in her neighborhood. I guess people stick to themselves to avoid other people's problems, etc. PS- Your yard does look great! And sea bass sounds so yummy. I miss fresh seafood.