Wednesday, June 2

2nd Grade

Q-tips first day of 2nd grade!

Q-tips last day of 2nd grade!

My little boy has grown so much over the past year. He has become quite the interesting boy. He has learned a variety of things in school and in his extra activities. He is full of imagination and interest in the world around him. I know that our summer will be quite an interesting one. I am so proud of the leaps and bounds he has made in his reading. Although he doesn't enjoy cuddling up with a book like his mommy I think he still enjoys reading in his own way and has an understanding of its importance and value. He is an active child and loves to be outside riding his bike, scooter, hiking, fishing and off roading with his Dad and Uncles. He also LOVES Tae Kwon Do! I look forward to seeing how he grows and changes in the years to come.

Third grade I hope you're ready because I know he is!


  1. Amazing how kids grow in one school year!

  2. Awww He looks like he's grown a LOT! Is that the same shirt?! So exciting moving up a grade!!! :-)