Sunday, June 13

Love Notes

Before J left the boys and I sat down to write him a few surprise love notes that we could hide in his bags. The boys loved this! They had so much fun coloring and coming up with something to say. Q-tip wrote a song for him and then wrote another that he sung to J when he returned home from work that afternoon. I wrote random sayings, some serious some more funny, on 12 small cards that J came across a few times rummaging through things. He caught on quick what we had done and avoided seeing them whenever possible. I'm not sure how many were a surprise by the time he made it to his destination but I hope a few. I have a feeling they put a smile on his face whenever he found one. Mission accomplished!


  1. Such a fun thing to do for you and the boys, and a fabulous way to tell J how much you love him and will miss him. You are so creative and ALL of your boys are luck to have you!

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    That is such a beautiful idea =]
    p.s., I love your new layout <3