Monday, June 14

I've Got Skills!

Growing up observing as much as I could or being instructed to do things I wouldn't have chosen to do as a child has become beneficial with each passing year. Especially since purchasing our home last year. There are times when not having to rely on someone can come in handy. For instance...

Yesterday, at least I think it was yesterday, I noticed water on the downstairs bathroom floor. I really hoped it was water anyway. I mopped it up and went about my day. Later I noticed the floor was wet again, this time assuming it probably was not water I mopped again, ranted about boys not having good aim, and went about my day. Last night before bed I did this same routine again. Argh, seriously! This morning when I saw the floor was wet yet again I knew we had a problem. I started feeling around to see if there was a leak but the toilet was completely dry. That said the water line leading to the toilet was not. When I checked to see if it was loose by tightening it a little it broke. Cheap plastic rubbish! I turned the water valve off and made a note to call my brother for advice or repair work.

After talking to him I realized that replacing just the water line was not an option and that the whole valve would have to go. Why they built this house with permanent things like that I do not know. I remembered doing the same thing under the kitchen sink when we first moved in. That time I broke the plastic knob on the valve. I knew I could do this.

After taking the boys to watch The Karate Kid movie (which was amazing by the way) I stopped by our local hardware store to find the parts. The associate was very helpful and gave me exactly what I needed. Although I'm not sure he actually believed I was going to be the one fixing the problem. Men of little faith. I came home, turned the water off to the house and got to work. Within 15 minutes I had the new valve and hose put in and the toilet was functioning without any leaks. Oh yes, I am that good!

This is the old part. The ribbed pipe is welded to the on/off water valve and the plastic nut that attached it to the toilet is broken. All items had to go. Thankfully it was only about $15 to fix. Note stupid plastic turn knob, previous kitchen sink knob was also plastic but instead of metal screw it was attached with what seemed to be a plastic screw too. I broke it right off when I turn off the kitchen water. D'oh!

So shiny and new looking! I am proud of my plumber skills. I don't know where I picked up such knowledge but I am really glad I did. It has come in handy not once, but twice! Now to take those skills upstairs and unclog our slow draining master bath. This job will probably be just as easy but not nearly as pleasant. That said today was Sunday so it wasn't very fresh and clean until after I fixed the toilet and sent Q-tip in for the weekly scrubbing. Do you know what comes out of clogged drains? Ill spare you the pictures.

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  1. I'm seriously impressed with your skills!!! I don't know what I would have done! Probably called a neighbor!?! lol Maybe I should call YOU if something like this happens!!!