Tuesday, June 15

Military Mondays-Boxes

I'm not sure why I thought yesterday was Tuesday but I was obviously not thinking straight all day. I even was reminded by my sister that it was Monday...that did not sink in one bit. Here is the post that was for Military Mondays on Tuesday.

Last time J was deployed I sent more emails than I did letters or packages. Q-tip was pretty little and I was pregnant with Animal. This time I think it would be better for all of us if we make a point to use the post. I called the USPS and had a military pack sent to our home. These packs have supplies that we can use to send J packages quickly and easily. These supplies are free and when we run out I can simply call again and they will send us a refill. Anyone sending packages to deployed service members can call. I am going to highly encourage all of our family to do so (hint, hint).

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  1. You are seriously on top of things!!! I love that you already have this all planned out for him! Let me know if he wants/needs anything small we can send him! :-)