Monday, June 28

Military Mondays-Brat Bugle

When coming up with ways for the boys to keep in contact with J I came across The Brat Town Bugle. We create our paper weekly and send it out to J. He has yet to give me feedback on the publication (hint, hint). Every day or so I print up a page or two for the kids to create. Q-tips favorite is probably the closing page where he comes up with an original comic. Animal usually does an art page or I will create a page with him. We love doing our newspaper and telling J all about whats been happening at home.

Super happy to write to his Daddy.

Dropping our weekly newspaper in the post.


  1. Yet another fabulous idea! :-) I love how these things keep the kids connected to J!

  2. Just got the second edition (haven't seen the first yet) It was awsome seeing all the cool stuff you all wrote. Thank you to all who contributed. Keep em comming. Love ya'll, -Daddy

  3. Great ideas I will steal from you! You are doing a great job keeping the boys busy!