Friday, July 2

A Really Good Day

Between time differences, kids needs, work schedules and bad Internet connections we don't get to do video chat often. But when we do it really makes all of our day! Phone calls are limited too. This deployment feels so much different from the last one. The kids don't fully understand chat so that is hard and our main way of saying hi. I am thankful we are able to at least do this every couple days. I breathe a lot easier when I know he is OK. Its amazing how much time has passed already. Its gone by so quickly! We are staying busy so that strategy must be working.

J was amused I was taking a photo of him on the TV. Im special like that.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you are able to video chat! What a difference actually seeing each other can make! Sorry its so far between, and that this deployment seems different. It will fly by and soon he will be back home bugging you! ;-)

    I would have taken a picture too... lol