Tuesday, June 8

Red Lobster

Every time a commercial for Red Lobster comes on TV Animal asks if we can go. Okay maybe he asks that for EVERY restaurant but that's beside the point. He also asks for every toy so at some point we are bound to give in...right? And have you seen the commercials for their wood-fire grill menu, YUM!

Which one shall we choose? Or better yet, which one will be missing when we leave?

My boys. For being 109 outside they don't look all that melted. But they should be. Walking from A/C to outside is quite the shock to your system. The air is down right HOT!

Q-tip and his Daddy.

Animal and his Mommy.

GRRRR...that is one vicious claw I tell you and extremely entertaining.

And that wood-fire grilling, it is amazing. I was impressed, J was impressed and Q-tip was impressed. Animal, well he doesn't count because before having him I would have never guessed I would be paying 4.99 for a child's portion size of Kraft mac and cheese. I think that's all that boy eats. I kid you not!


  1. LMAO Ok, It was a cute post, but the last two sentences had me rolling! Nat is the same way! Mac and cheese or chicken nuggets...ugh

    I'm so glad you had a good dinner out and that one of those creepy crawlers left with you, one way or another! :-)

  2. Cute family pics! $4.99 for mac-n-cheese! Ouch! But eating out is good family fun and then you don't have to clean up!