Wednesday, June 9

Crowntail Betta

Because we pay oh so much attention to our current goldfish we got this little guy. Total sarcasm obviously. I actually just had to buy 3 new goldfish because I found 3 dead ones when I cleaned the tank. It was so disgusting I didn't even know they were dead! I think Ive mentioned before how much I do not like cleaning fish tanks, it ranks right next to mopping. Not to mention my clogging of the garbage disposal with small gravel last time wasn't exactly very encouraging for me to try again. Don't worry J I used the other side of the sink this time.

All that aside, his name is Air Force Thunderbird. He was our distraction from recent emotional events. He worked like a charm! I'm sure his food will last much longer than he does but that's a different story. The whole point was to give us a distraction and something new and fun. Preferably for little cost. He was little cost. Yeah for win, win situations.


  1. Aww thats awesome. Chloe has been bugging me for a fish, a hamster, a gerbil or a little pig! I think 4 dogs is enough but not to her lol.

  2. LOL You crack me up! I hate fish, but we got another one! I have totally done that!

    Glad it was a good distraction! :-)

  3. You are so funny! Fish are easy and cool to watch! I am sure we will get some once we get back to the states!