Saturday, July 17

Despicable ME Morning

Staying cool is an issue these days without A/C. Yesterdays weather hit a lovely 112. This weekend will continue in the 110s. An extreme weather warning has been issued for most of the weekend. Las Vegas is AWESOME! I'm not sure what we will do this weekend to keep cool but this is what we did one day this week.

The boys and I woke up at a decent hour, got dressed and then headed to IHOP for a Despicable ME breakfast. Q-tip wasn't a fan of the minionade but all other items were great. I ate the loaded minion taters, they were very good. We all enjoyed the ciniminions. Very yum!

Animal went for his regular, baby cakes.

Q-tip ate kids french toast...I wonder if J is enjoying his daily breakfast of french toast?

Ciniminion down in one bite...or close to it.

Making sure he didn't miss a single sprinkle.

Doing a silly dance to the credits of Despicable ME.

This was a very cute movie. We all enjoyed it very much. The boys said as we were leaving "we totally need to buy this movie!". I agree completely. So when J gets home I think we will have to have a movie night: garlic popcorn and Despicable ME. You up for it J?

A/C Update: I called in the middle of the week for information and was told the Tech had not called the home warranty company so nothing had moved forward. I called again yesterday and at the same time the Tech was giving them his report. Later in the afternoon the home warranty company returned my call to say that the cost on our part was minimized and permission for work was granted. I called the A/C company in the evening to make sure parts were ordered. Now we wait for the parts to come in before work can start. I will be calling on Monday to see if scheduling can be made to fix the A/C. The sooner the better!


  1. OOOh! Looks so yummy, I'd like to try some minionaid. Glad you all had fun. XOXO, -Daddy

  2. What a fun day out of the heat! I loved the movie too!!! Very worth buying!

    Glad you are on top of the repairs. I always wonder how much longer it would take them to do it without a little nudging... :-)