Sunday, July 18


Keeping on top of the jeep maintenance has not been my concern but with deployment comes more responsibility on my end. Freaking brilliant! J has always chose to take the jeep to the dealership or now the 4x4 shop where he had the lift kit installed. I have a personal comfort zone that I drive in and this particular place was not there. Thankfully I have been venturing out more and more which means my comfort zone is growing. My brother had offered to take the jeep in for me but was unable to get a ride to the house on that day so I stepped up to the plate. I can do this is all I kept saying and yes, yes I did. Getting there wasn't the problem. I actually gave myself plenty of time to do so. Arriving nearly 3 hours early. After dropping the jeep off I decided to take the boys for a walk.

We stopped at Marie Callender's because I had only heard good things and was very excited to have an excuse to check it out. I'm not sure if our waitress was having a bad day or the thought that we walked to the restaurant and entered with a stroller was more than she could handle. I wouldn't consider this a place worth dressing up for so the fact the boys were in shorts and t-shirts while I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt shouldn't have been an issue either. Hello 110 degree weather! Whatever the reasons, our service was despicable. We were ignored and as thirsty as we were, refills were not on our waitresses to do list. The food wasn't bad but having to remind the waitress that my lunch item came with a slice of pie after she had just finished the same order for an elderly guy 2 tables away really frustrated me too. I left annoyed and unhappy. Even Q-tip noticed her rush to get us out of there as well as the fact she practically threw the slice of pie and extremely dirty spoon on the table after I reminded her of my order. To say the least I did not give her a tip. And the next 15 minutes Q-tip and I spent venting about our horrible experience and desire to never return again. Sorry J if that sounds like a place you want to visit, you better find a different one.

We walked a lot that afternoon, sweat a lot more and I dont even know how much I spent on drinks to keep us hydrated. The last hour of our return route was the worst and we were so glad to be back to the shop before the jeep was finished. Thankfully I was the only one with a slight sunburn on the back/side of my neck. It was hot! It took another hour and a half for the jeep to be finished. All of that time Animal was sound asleep in his stroller and Q-tip was bored out of his mind. During the paying process I was informed that the battery was fine (I had left the lights on a few days prior and the jeep was having issues turning on as soon as the key was turned) but the starter was definitely going out. No time frame for the starter was given but the advice "very soon" for repairs was suggested. I thought "Ill bring it up with J and make an appointment next week".

On the way home my phone rang and the receptionist from our dentist office informed me that Q-tip and I had appointments the next morning. OMG timing is everything and who made these appointments?! I was in rush hour traffic and not exactly in a position to talk so I quickly agreed to be there the next morning and focused on the road. I do not like auto routes and I REALLY do not like them with traffic. There was a point where I took my foot off the gas but still needed to use the brake only to have the car behind me swerve to the shoulder and come to a stop right next to me. OMG! I was that close to getting rear ended and wanted to be home more than anything.

After returning home that is where I stayed until the next morning when I took the boys to the dentist and a whole nother day of adventure began...

Since my appointment was at the same time as Animal's Q-tip became my photographer. He took some really neat shots.

Deciding what angle he wanted to take pictures from...preferably out of peoples way.

Animals check-up went well. Nothing to report.

I don't know what this face is about but it cracks me up. They were making all kinds of faces at the camera and laughing so much.

Time for his cleaning.

Beautiful pearly whites!


  1. Good job Animal on a good check up!

    Good job Q-Tip on the great pictures!

    ...were you going to write something about your adventure after the dentist?

  2. He looks so grown up in the chair!