Monday, July 19

Military Mondays-Deployments Are Good...

I wanted to make a list to remind myself the benefits of deployments because there are two sides to every coin.
  1. Missing someone is not always a bad thing.

  2. Having the opportunity to find one's own strengths can be very good indeed.

  3. Talking. Limited distractions (this is questionable). The want to talk to your partner becomes stronger. Their desire to hear about daily life. Hearing the others voice can make your whole day.

  4. Writing. Emails or letters, sometimes what you can not say verbally you can put on paper.

  5. It gives you time to cherish the little things. Thank you's and I love you's have more value.

  6. Being reminded of the many things you take for granted when you are together. Putting away the dishes, yard work, whatever those chores are that you don't normally do yourself or by yourself.

  7. Mail, who doesn't love to get mail?

  8. Home comings are amazing!

  9. Less laundry.

  10. Less dishes.

  11. The house stays clean a little bit longer.

  12. Being reminded daily how much you really do love the one that's gone.

  13. No longer having to share one vehicle.

  14. No junk food in the house...unless I buy it myself.
These are just a few things that make deployments and separation that much more bearable.


  1. Read this often, its a great list! :-)

  2. Thank you for the good reminders. I am so not thinking in a good way about the next 6 months....