Tuesday, July 20


After the dentist I had this genius idea to drive across the car park to get the boys haircuts. It was a lapse of sanity I think because the jeep was acting up and I knew I shouldn't push my luck. My brother was planning on coming after work to check it out so I guess I just figured..."Whats one more stop. Its right there." Hahaha!

Animal getting a trim.

Bye bye mohawk!

4 on top, fade on the sides. Just like Daddy!

My Q-tip is back!

So yeah, after the cuts (which turned out great) I loaded the boys back in the jeep and it wouldn't start. The starter went out! Not even 24 hrs after the shop had said "I'd fix it really soon". We weren't going anywhere. It was GREAT! I tried and tried again but no luck. Finally I did the only thing I could think of, I called my brother at work. Within 20 minutes he was at the jeep and teaching me how to pop the clutch to get it home. That was really neat by the way. We parked the jeep at home and went to a local auto parts store for a new starter. He had the jeep fixed within an hour, maybe a little less as the clock was off by about 50 minutes this morning. (it took me a few days to get the balls to drive it again) I am so thankful for him and his ability to fix things. Being close to family is amazing. I love Las Vegas!


  1. I'm so glad he was able to help you out like that! How fabulous to have (helpful!) family so close!

    Their cuts look great too!

  2. Love the haircuts! The boys are so cute! Thank goodness for your brother! I am always so affaid of this happening during deployments.

  3. Oh! Cool. Great cheesy smile from Q. Love -Daddy