Sunday, July 4

Meeting Family

Summer time is a great time to travel but we aren't actually doing that this summer. Thankfully other people are and Vegas is quite the holiday get away. One afternoon I received a call from J's Aunt who we made plans to meet for dinner. I haven't seen J's Aunt since her oldest was maybe 2. It has been quite some time! It was great chatting with them and meeting their little people. Those kids are AWESOME! She was amused by the boys and found my niece quite cute. Cause dude, she totally is!

Hanging in the jeep. We arrived a bit early. It was like PHEW and not hot like err err. Confused...ask Q-tip he can explain it for you.

All the munchkins.

The loudest group in Ruby Tuesdays. No one seemed to mind and we all had fun.


  1. How fun to see more family!!! Glad you and the kiddos get to make memories with them!