Friday, July 9

We Love Summer...

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself the past couple days. Its down right hot here people. Even J said it was cooling down for him. Not sure its the same as my classification of cooling down but none the less we aren't even doing that.

This is our weather at 830 AM, I would say that's pretty toasty. Then again that is still cooler than inside our house which reached a whopping 94 before I hid myself in the master for the rest of the evening with the portable A/C and 3 wild children. I called the A/C tech this morning, seeing is how they NEVER called me yesterday evening, and found that I was not on the books for a visit. The receptionist scheduled me for Sunday between 8 and 11 AM. GREAT!? I now have two very hot days to find things to do outside of this very hot house or hide in the master with 3 bored kids. And as spacious as that is I'm not all that keen. I'm thinking Mt. Charleston here we come.

In other news: Swim lessons are going great for Animal! His very first lesson he wore a life vest which was completely unnecessary but a comfort item for him. He decided that for the rest of his lessons he would not before his teacher ever approached us to suggest he try without one. I agree he needs to learn without but with 3 kids under my supervision it was a lot easier for him to have one.

And he is just so cute in that little vest. He goes all over but during swim lessons it does make more sense to have him sit on the stairs paying attention. It also makes it hard for him to understand the water and for his teacher to have him float on his back or stomach. Bye bye life vest.

He is comfortable in the water but his first lesson was a test of his Independence. He wanted me close by so that I could give him the thumbs up when he finished a task. He wanted me to watch everything he did. And lets be honest, I love watching my little man grow so it didn't take much convincing.

Loving his next lesson without the vest. Although he seems to only like to do swim lessons without a vest. When we swim after with Q-tip and my niece he wants the vest on so he can go everywhere. To some extent I think this is okay because it allows me time to swim some laps and play with the older kids too.

His lessons are going great. He still doesn't like to jump into the water at the end but is more than willing to try and swim around when asked. He is still working on his breathing or humming under water so no water goes up his nose. He is doing well with kicking his legs and is starting on arms. Im excited to see how he progresses over the next couple weeks.


  1. I can hardly believe Animal is getting so big! How fun to watch him get some independence and confidence in himself!

    Good job big man!!!

  2. I'm so proud of you son! I wish I could have been there for the first few lessons. You have so much excitement and you look like your having so much fun. Love, -Daddy