Friday, August 20


A friend from childhood was on holiday in Vegas and sent some cookies to my house for her convention. When the cookies arrived the boys and I ventured down to the strip to deliver them to her. I totally had to put on my big girl panties and make the drive without J. Thankfully it went quite well. While there we explored the Luxor and Excalibur, two casinos we had yet to venture inside. We also ate at our first strip buffet. It was a fun day.

Wall mural in Luxor.

U.S. flag hanging in the center of the pyramid. Super cool! Along the sides you can see the halls for the hotel rooms. I thought that was very neat. Step outside your room and look down onto the shops, food and fun.

Animal and Mommy in Luxor.

I was trying to photograph the female silhouettes in the windows. They were really neat.

Doors to the "club".

Beautiful clear Las Vegas sky's.

My favorite picture of the day...waiting for the tram to Excalibur.

Inside Excalibur.

After lunch and heading back through Luxor to the jeep.


  1. You make me laugh about the driving. I'm the same way! I like my quiet back roads ;)

  2. Amazing pictures! WIth sights like that to see you never have to leave your area!

  3. I'm amazed at the architecture everywhere in Vegas. Some slightly cheesy, much ingenious! Excalibur looks amazing! Love the pic of Animal leaning against the pharaoh! Such a casual pose! :-)